About Dana
I'm a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach, and goat farmer. 

From selling my buddy's drawings on the playground for 50 cents and splitting it with being the only person in my school's history to nab an athletic scholarship to running multiple successful businesses, this is in my blood.

I'm out to change lives and empower people to do what they were put here to do. 

I'm here to give you the information and tools you actually need, so you can fulfill the duty you were put here to serve...and leave the legacy you've always wanted. 

You're the reason I do what I do. 

Thank you. 

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"I wanna talk about how amazing this guy is"
Russell Brunson, Co-Founder, ClickFunnels
"Meeting Dana was like a breath of fresh air"
Rachel Pedersen, Founder, Social Media United
"The time I gave my car away to a complete stranger"
Everyone cried...
"The thing that set Dana apart from the get-go is that he's actually doing it"
Dave Lindenbaum, & 7-Figure Seller
"Who is this guy, is he really a goat farmer? He's genuine and very relate-able"
Ryan & Lindsey Galasso, eCom Sellers
"If You Want To Make An Extra $100k, $1mil, $10mil...You Call Up 'Dana 911'..."
Trey Lewellen, Founder NGOA, 8-Figure Seller
"All We Talked About Was Alligators...But Really He's An Absolute Genius."
Ray Higdon, Owner RankMakers, 8-Figure Seller
Books & Guides
One Week Author
Want my secrets for getting a world-class book written, FAST, that sells way more of your products and services? AKA my exact system to growing to 7-figures! There's NOTHING like this on the planet...
High-Ticket Book Secrets
I'm exposing my secrets to selling my books for $400, $1,000, and $2,500 PER COPY...instead of $20 like everybody else...this is crazy-good...
Conversion Secrets: Optimize Your Business For SALES  Workbook
The ONE thing any business needs, from the beginning, is to optimize their conversions! More money, better customers, complete clarity. 
In The News...
Entrepreneur Feature!
How to Leverage Your Ideal Partnerships to Scale Your Business
Forbes Interview!
"Dana Derricks was excited when his freelance copywriting business took off, but as he churned out project after project, he recalls, “I hit a fork in the road. I was getting burned out. I was trapped in trading time for dollars.”"
Funnel Hacker TV #45
In this episode of Funnel Hacker TV, Dana makes a trip to Boise, ID to help Russell Brunson for 3 days with the re-launch of (WILD)
Funnel Hacker TV #60
In this episode of Funnel Hacker TV, Dana heads to Boise, ID for a private mastermind and makes a HUGE splash with his presentation...must see!
Funnel Hacker Radio #124
"Inbred Goat Farmer Reveals The 2 Secrets To Sell Books For $2,500 PER COPY (shipping is free)…Plus The ONE ‘Mind-Tweak’ To Cash-In On YOUR Dream 100"
Kommerce Kings #17
"Dana flew in a couple weeks ago and beside all of the crazy copy and ideas flying everywhere!... I will say, I have to give Dana a lot of props for being able to write 1 book! Nonetheless 4! Not to mention... for his most expensive book, every customer who purchases the book he made $10 dollars a page! That is just crazy! Listen in on how Dana Derricks sells his books for $2000 a piece!"
Just The Tips #14
"You are seriously not going to believe what Dana Derricks is doing to the publishing industry. Think about this: There are books we’ve all read that have changed our lives for the better. What was that change worth to you? This much is for sure, you didn't pay what the book was worth in that case, did you?"
Marketing Secrets #44
"Dana Derricks when he was doing his presentation he was talking about his big aha. He said that us as creators want to keep creating and creating and creating. He said because of that, “If I look at my value ladder it kind of goes up a little and then it splits off in three different places. Some of those go up and some don’t and it gets really mushy really quick.” He realized he had to clearly define the value ladder. We’re going from here to here to here. So now he’s beginning with the end in mind. And what he said was interesting. It’s was funny because it’s something that I, a recurring thought I’ve had in my mind as well. Okay, I can’t keep creating new stuff that just spurts off my value ladder and shifts people all over the place. "
A Doctor's Perspective #50
"Dr. Justin Trosclair speaks about Dana Derricks High Ticket Book Sales and Dr Ed Osburn mentions direct mail and the wow box… don’t be late to the game..."
Private Label Movement #236
"Dana Derricks discovered early his penchant for copywriting for Amazon Sellers. Dana turned his skills into his own successful online brand. Listen in to Kevin Rizer’s conversation with Dana Derricks Successful Amazon Copywriting for tips on effective copywriting do’s and don’ts."
Private Programs
Author Challenge
Get Your Entire Book DONE In Just A Week...For A Fraction Of The Price You'd Pay A Ghostwriter Or Publishing 'Deal'!!! Start the Author Challenge NOW!! 
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